Everybody should be quiet by a stream and listen

The Start

In the spirit of simplicity and saying only what needs to be said…

I went to a meditation retreat in the Rocky Mountains in August 2009. Five days of quiet – sitting still, mindful walking, and breathing (lots of breathing!). Simple stuff, really.

I learned and remembered some important things:

  • As conscious as I “think” I am, I’m often sped up, stressed out, and unaware much of the time.
  • Becoming present allows a deeper type of thinking that is integrative and true.
  • Slowing down can help important things go faster.
  • Simply noticing my breath can profoundly affect my mood and ability to be present and effective.

When I came home I registered this internet domain, BreathingLeadership.com.

Now almost 6 years later in July of 2015… I’m launching this site as a resource for others. Together we’ll explore the connections between mindfulness, emotional intelligence, authentic presence, effectiveness, and leadership.

I hope you find it useful.